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We are an eCommerce group focused on building the biggest brands of tomorrow with our online expertise.

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What we do

.ZERO is an eCommerce group that builds direct-to-consumer brands.. Our weapon of choice is performance marketing and we use it to disrupt the eCommerce industry. Our goal is to create the biggest brands of the future with our expertise in eCommerce.

About .ZERO

.ZERO started in 2014 and we are one of the fastest growing profitable company in the eCommerce industry. We have a diverse team across Singapore, Philippines and China.

With multiple 8-figures annually, we are one of the biggest eCommerce focused companies in the world. We have created a top 50 highest traffic Shopify store in the world. We believe in a high performance and ambitious culture. We are data-driven, fast-paced and passionate about digital marketing.



Our vision is to build the biggest brands of tomorrow using our competitive advantage in eCommerce and Performance Marketing.

We strongly believe that our people is key to bring us there. Our goal is to find the ambitious, the best and brightest - People who believe in our dream. We will equip them with the necessary skills to dominate.

The future of eCommerce

eCommerce has been growing rapidly for many years and it's not slowing down. From $1.3 trillion in 2014 when we started to an anticipated $4.9 trillion by 2021, the potential is limitless. Our competitive advantage is growing stronger over the years.

The period of transition from traditional business to eCommerce opens up an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for companies like us to disrupt every industry. The time is now.

$4.9 trillion 2021
$1.3 trillion 2014



Always Day 1

We will always be learning and growing. We will always function as a start-up. We move fast and aggressively, we fail and learn fast. Day 2 is the path to irrelevance, decline and death. We need to adapt quickly in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry. We must never be complacent. We are all in. It’s always Day 1.


Deliver Results

We focus on high performance, to achieve excellent measurable results rather than a busy process. We strive in meritocracy and excel in a fast-paced environment. We accomplish an amazing amount of important and impactful work. Focus is key here. We say No to things that distract us. We will be careful not to achieve results with minimal impact to our end goal. We will always strive for the highest standards in all we do, for both our work and our people. Our work inspires the people around us. We hold one another accountable to the highest standards at all times.


Direct Communication

We are direct with communication, yet always respectful. There will be zero tolerance for office politics. We only say things about fellow employees that we will say to their face. We are quick to own and admit mistakes. We never give excuses. We are concise in speech and writing.



We say what we think even if it is controversial. We make tough decisions without agonizing. We take smart risks. We question actions inconsistent with our values. We make decisions even with uncertainty and avoid analysis paralysis. We do what's right even when it's uncomfortable if it is necessary for us to get to where we need to be. We understand that our personal comfort is not our priority.



We are resourceful in finding solutions where most find impossible. We take initiative in coming up with new and efficient ways of doing things. With resourcefulness, we are independent in crushing all obstacles to reach our goals. We set ourselves apart with a strong mindset of crushing obstacles with resourcefulness and persistence, instead of complaining. We are thankful for the opportunity to face and overcome these obstacles. Instead of focusing on problems and blame, we focus on action-oriented solutions.



We do impactful work and discussion through careful planning and preparation. We believe in the focusing on the 20% work that brings 80% results. We are selective in working on things that are aligned to the end goal. We strictly say No to tasks and discussions that are not impactful or aligned. We are extremely productive instead of busy.



We will be reliable and accountable to our team. We achieve this by ensuring that we are competent and relentless at our own tasks and areas. We communicate updates and completion of goals without needing to be reminded. The rest of the team can assume tasks assigned to us as done. Confidence in us is high. Trust within the team is strong. We will be accountable in things we need to do.


Great teamwork

We work very well with others. We help out team members to push and align to the end goal. We have high accountability so we don’t hold the team back in execution as a team. Our actions bring the team together as one by creating a positive and inspiring workplace. We act and make decisions for the team instead of self.


Hard work

We understand that hard work is a requirement to achieving our end goals. We put in a lot of effort and endurance in working towards our goals and crushing obstacles. We are always willing to put in what is required to get things done and make sure our goals are met.



We listen well non-judgmentally and with open-mindedness. We listen first instead of reacting fast, and we listen with the intent to understand. We understand that we don’t know what we don’t know. We are not defensive or take things personally when it comes to opposing views. While we are confident and decisive, we have no ego. We follow a flat structure approach. We are always learning and we seek to improve ourselves.

Leadership Expectations

As leaders, we need to be very aligned to all the company values at the top so that the company will align as one.

Goal oriented

Goal oriented

We have excellent understanding of the end goal and direction of the team. Every action and discussion done by the team is purposeful and aligned towards the end goal. We proactively find ways to achieve the goals and tackling obstacles hindering us from the goals. As a results, the team has a clear understanding of the goal and direction.

Insist on the highest standards

Insist on the highest standards

We are responsible for the upholding the highest standards of our team. We reward high performance and give consequences for consistent poor performance. We set the bar high in hiring smart, hardworking and passionate people. We never tolerate mediocrity. We nurture the team to achieve best work and performance. The team’s average increase consistently.

Great teamwork

Great decisions

We make great decision by being analytical about options while considering opportunity costs. Decisions are analyzed based on resources, which includes, time, money and energy. Decisions are made with logical reasoning when possible. We make smart decisions even when we don’t have all the facts.

Great decisions

Think Big

We are ambitious, aggressive and limitless. We don’t hold ourselves back by thinking small and being comfortable. We are confident that we will achieve anything we set out to do. We will be able to overcome any obstacles that come up. We approach with a positive mindset and long-term thinking. We understand that if just one person can achieve it, so can we. If no one else has done it, why can’t we be the first? Nothing is impossible. The question is whether it is worth doing.



As leaders, we own what we do. We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just our own teams. We never say “that’s not my job”. We take full responsibility for the outcome of our teams. We never give excuses but instead own it and progress.


Creating a safe environment

We create a safe environment where our team are open to share their thoughts. We open them up instead of closing them down. We ensure there are no office politics. We are quick to step in to solve the root cause whenever office politics arise. We create a positive and inspiring environment for the team.

Founders Story

Chris Lim

Chris Lim

Chris started off in Lazada and Credit Suisse. From there, he knew that eCommerce is what excites him.

It is where he can create real impact for the future. He enjoys the fast-paced execution that the eCommerce world allows. It is also where he finds that he can grow the fastest.

Chris is all about growth for himself and the people around him. Working among the best and brightest to create unlimited potential is a dream come true for him.

Strife Lim

Strife Lim

Strife started off as a software engineer. He has created a wide portfolio of apps ranging from chat, instagram and eCommerce.

Creating products that focuses on consumers is what he is passionate about. Strife is all about perseverance and positive mindset. Simply put, he makes things work no matter what it takes.

Combining positivity, perseverance and his courage to think big, the future is limitless... and incredibly exciting!



Company Founded

Made first online sale


Started first online apparel store

Achieved 6-figure sales


Grew to a team of 5

Achieved 7-figure sales


Grew to a team of 50 worldwide

Achieved 8-figure sales


Created Top 50 Highest traffic Shopify Store In The World


7-figure sales per month & constantly growing


We are constantly looking for the best and brightest, the ambitious, the high-performers who demand excellence for themselves and others around them. If that is you, join us in our mission to eCommerce domination.

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Contact us

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